Fund Your Dream Project: Where Dollars and Dreams Meet

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This growing phenomenon is Crowdfunding. And quite honestly, I didn’t know of this term until this year. I was however, aware of the concept.

So, What is Crowdfunding?

Fund Your Dream Project – Where Dollars and Dreams Meet

Crowdfunding is quickly becoming the Internet’s #1 newest, most exciting phenomenon and social trend for raising funds by providing a convenient website platform that allows people to support any project you create by sharing. Recently a dear friend of mine who has a dream with her photography business introduced me to this idea of crowdfunding because she was aware of my dream for my music project.

After doing some research, I was quite amazed at how so many people and organizations have turned to crowdfunding to fund their dream projects. Musician Neil Young raised 6.2 million dollars in 2014 for his music project. LeVar Burtons of Reading Rainbow Revamp raised 3.5 million dollars. And the list goes on from the larger projects to the smaller projects. I found these statistics on on the breakdown of various niches on Crowdfunding last year…

What kinds of projects can be used for Crowdfunding?

— Starting and/or Expanding Your Current Business
— Paying Off Your Mortgage
— Funding Your Passion As An Artist
– Wedding/Honeymoon
— Mounting Medical Bills
– Vacations
– Pet Projects
— Raising Money For Your Church/Ministry/Charity
— Funding Your Retirement Account
— Your Children’s Education
— ETC…

Which Platform To Use?

Great question! With over 500 crowdfunding platforms to use – how do you know which one is the best one for you? The challenge with most organic campaigns is that it can be challenging and often difficult to fund your project. The Solution is to find a platform that offers leverage and one ensures you are not alone with your crowdfunding efforts.

In Conclusion…

No matter which platform you use, do your homework and find the one best suited for your niche. It’s probably best to find a platform that has no fees, and one that has no time limit. This way, you can get your project funded in your time without worrying about fees. Additionally, most platforms that have time limits, you will sometimes lose any money that you have collected, so this is why I suggest finding a platform that has no fees and time limits.

Wishing you the best in your dream projects and may all your dreams come true!

Want to learn more?

How to Fund Your Online Business With No Money

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One of my mentors recently told me that entrepreneurs are masters at overcoming obstacles; and this is true for finding a way to fund your business with no money.

I recently was browsing Yahoo answers and I noticed that lots of people were wanting to learn how to work from home with no investment – meaning that they wanted to literally start their own business with no capital.

Any successful entrepreneur or business owner will tell you that it is next to impossible to start your own business with no start-up costs. However, there is a way to get up and running with literally no money on the table.

You Need Money to Start a Business

First of all, depending on the type of business you want to start, you will need money to get started. For now, we are going to explain how to do so in the online and internet marketing niche for online businesses.

When you get your business up and running, here are a few of the costs that you may need to incur:

Web domains or hosting
Autoresponder (for sending out emails)

You’ll notice I put “education” in capital letters! That is because, many people think that you can be taught how to start an online business without the proper training.

Think about it!

If you knew how to make money online, you wouldn’t be looking for an online or work at home opportunity to begin with, because you would already know how to do it!

So you will NEED to spend money to get the training so that you will know how to make money on demand using the tools available at your fingertips.

But how do you get that money if you have no available start-up costs?

As I mentioned earlier, as an entrepreneur, you have to be able to be a problem solver! Think of every possible way you can claw, scratch, and fight to get funding for your business!

If you are stuck, here are some basic ways that successful entrepreneurs have found the money to fund their education:

Borrow money
Take out a business loan
Use credit cards (I don’t condone racking up debt, but if you have a solid business plan, this is always a viable option. But again, make sure you have a proven business model with a successful coach before acquiring debt.)
Freelance writer – this is a great place to start because as an online entrepreneur, you will be needing to create compelling copy for your ads, blogs, videos, etc, so getting accustomed to writing for these types of media is great practice!

Coming up with the funds for your business is top priority once you have an established business plan. Do some research, and find a reputable company and mentor that will help you along the way.

After you do this, you can then invest in the education program to teach you the next step in the process – making money!

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